Frequently Asked Questions about UBI Connect

UBI Connect - The Engagement Platform for Innovation Hubs

Welcome to UBI Connect - The Global Engagement Plaform for Innovation Hubs

Q: What is UBI Connect?

A: UBI Connect is a digital platform introduced by UBI Global in which member incubators and accelerators will be better able to connect and engage with their international peers. We are designing the platform to capture program details, with space to feature associated startups and successes. All to help innovation multiply and thrive- no matter where it is. Key to our vision is that information from UBI Global to each program will be securely shared, too. For example, programs will be able to easily access individual benchmark and ranking results, as well as more general publications and insights. And of course, collaborations and exchanges will be facilitated, with members and UBI Global generating posts and live feeds of events, invitations, and announcements. Members can:

Q: Who can access the UBI Connect engagement platform?

A: UBI Connect is a communication platform for incubation professionals who are part of the UBI Global Interactive Learning Community. You are eligible to develop a profile for your program and its leaders within UBI Connect if your business incubator or accelerator is a current member of the UBI Global community.

Q: How can I join UBI Global and begin engaging with my international peers?

A: We invite all incubation experts to apply to join our interactive learning community of 700+ incubators and accelerators in 70 countries. As a member, you can access UBI Connect and get started by introducing yourself to your peers. You can apply for UBI Global membership here.

Q: Where can I find the User Guide?

A: You can find the latest version of the user guide in the UBI Connect - Media Center.